Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So you thought it was over?

For those of you who just can't be bothered to go over to Flickr as directed in the previous post, Mohammed is bringing the mountain to you. (Hope that name doesn't start the search engines going crazy. Incredible the things we have to think about these days...)

Anyway, we're trying out a new function provided by Flickr. The band of photos you see at the bottom of the page are most of the ones taken in Luang Prabang. In theory when you click on each it will enlarge and you can move at your own pace through the 150 or so photos on the band. The numbers below the band refer to "pages", i.e. the dozen visible on the band when you first open this post constitute the first page. Clicking on number 2 will bring up the next dozen, etc. The tiny cursor above the number tells you which page you are looking at and the cursor above the photo tells you which photo is currently being enlarged.

There are in fact descriptions for most of the photos, but they're not available below. For that you have to go to the Flickr site where you can choose to see a slideshow which requires only an initial click or to look at individual photos, where the descriptions can be read. For those of you who are our age, here's a reminder of the site's URL : www.flickr.com/photos/objetsparis

Thanks to all of you who have said nice things about the blog. We weren't sure if anyone was reading since most of you were too shy to comment (thanks to those of you who did!) and it was a bit like sending messages in a bottle. We really enjoyed doing it and may just keep it up, who knows. I've spent some of the time since we got back searching online for an apartment to rent in Paris for October. Yes, already...

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