Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wall to Wall

I keep meaning to post about the Christmas decorations going up all over town, but I don't seem to be feeling very Christmas-y yet.  It's the other decorations that are drawing me recently, and may of them are in fact drawings, others stencils, and some simply found art.  The multiple Madonnas above are on a wall in the neighborhood and are as interesting as any of the gallery windows further down the street.

This character appears again and again, usually with a balloon that he's holding, or catching, or letting go of.   The artist's name is Nemo and he has worked with Jerome Mesnager as well as on his own.

Another repeated image is this cat, so well known that he has a website devoted to his appearances.

I'm rarely as intrigued by traditional graffiti (amazing, isn't it, to think of it in those terms?) as I am by the Nemos and Mesnagers and Miss-Tics on the walls, but this one was worth noting, if only for its sheer exuberance.

But to tell the truth, I really love the wall art that is revealed inadvertantly, that's art because it is, not
because it's meant to be, like these walls in Anvers metro station.

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