Friday, April 9, 2010

Warm Wonderful Weather

This may have been the only unoccupied seat in the Luxembourg Gardens, and it probably didn't remain that way for long.  Café terraces are packed all over Paris and a seat in the sun is what everyone is searching for.  We searched for over an hour today, walking around, looking for just the right place for that late-in-the-day drink. 

That one was too shady, this one too directly in the sun, making us squint.  The perfect ones were occupied and looked to remain so until nightfall.  We finally compromised on some seats that were too close to passing traffic but just right in terms of sun.  Slipping my sweater (sweater, not jacket!!) off my shoulders and ordering a citron pressée I finally believe we're firmly planted in springtime.

And if I had had any doubts, these cuddling doves dispelled them.  I spent several minutes watching them coo and kiss, necks twining, before I realized I would be a witness to the denouement, something I must admit I have never given much thought to: dove sex.  The two seconds of birdie nookie didn't look like much fun for either of them.  And he didn't want to cuddle afterward.

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