Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to Live in Summer


Anne said...

And enjoy home grown tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and blueberries. Because they don't have those in Paris!!

Shelli said...

Hi Anne. I've never understood why the French haven't learned to love corn. They have that terrible canned stuff they put in Salade Mexicaine or some such abomination, but don't get the wonderfulness of the delicious sweet cobs of it...mmmmm!

I've been enjoying all the wonderful fresh fruit, berries and vegetables I can get my hands on. What's in the markets in Paris now?

Anne said...

Cherries, peaches, and a whole lot of rhubarb. Terrible tomatoes.

Marie said...

Mais si mais si nous mangeons aussi du maïs en épi :-))

I like your photos very much. I think this "suite" is excellent.

Shelli said...

Merci, Marie.

Je n'ai jamais vu du maïs en épi à Paris...peut être on les voir plus au sud?

When were you in San Francisco? Sorry we missed each other.