Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain on the Roof

We woke yesterday to the sound of rain.

This new apartment is the quintessential Parisian garret, the top two floors of a 17th century building in St-German des PrĂ©s, with two smallish rooms on each floor, connected by a narrow, steep staircase that I'm sure originally led to the maid's room.  Her little chamber is now our salon, and adjacent to it is a makeshift kitchen.  At one time a little roof terrace, this has been covered with a glass greenhouse frame and has an undercounter refrigerator (no freezer), a nice stove, a small sink, and a bistro table and two chairs.  The cookware hangs on the walls and the food pantry is a couple of baskets.  We love it. 

And so we breakfasted surrounded by rain-covered glass, cozy and safe in our little aerie.  Rather than go out for lunch we went to the market and came back to sit snacking and reading in the kitchen.  The rain stopped, but we stayed in until it was time to go to the movies.  I think we'll be happy here.

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Julie said...

That sounds like a nice thing to do on a rainy morning. Glad your trip back went well and you've settled in.