Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shelter From the Storm

The rain has been hitting the roof with an almost tropical intensity for the last five or six hours.  It held off long enough for us to wander the quiet Sunday streets looking for hidden gardens open this weekend for the Fête des Jardins.  There are several tucked behind high walls of the Catholic institutions that dot the neighborhood.  They don't seem to be very well cared for and look rather bedraggled in the gray light. 

We give it up, buy a couple of treats from the unexpectedly open Pâtisserie de Sadaharu Aoki, and head home, reaching our door just as the rain begins to pour. 

I think I have to give up on my hope that there's a bit of Indian summer left; it seems clear we had the last of it a few days ago.  While some diehards on the street are still wearing sandals and layered T- shirts, I'm facing the fact that fall has arrived.  I got out the bag with the sweaters and woolen mufflers. I need to figure out how to turn on the heating in the apartment.  I don't feel ready for this yet.

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Anne said...

I feel exactly the same way; we didn't even get to see any gardens as it started raining just as we headed out the door. Hot tea, sweaters, and a movie were the order of the day.