Monday, January 24, 2011

Sayonara for Now

We went to the movies at this Japanese temple a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, it really is a movie theater, and I'd been meaning to go for years and never gotten around to it, but when the new Sophia Coppola film was showing at La Pagode, we decided to see it here rather than at one of the multiplexes at Odéon, where we usually go.

Supposedly built by an executive of le Bon Marché for his wife as a ballroom adjacent to their house, this building became a movie theater in the 1930s.  The main screening room has walls covered with lovely carvings and in good weather there is tea served in the garden.  It's unfortunate that the roof needs to be covered by a tarp in the winter, but it's an exquisite building and I believe has landmark status so isn't likely to be torn down and replaced by one of the god-awful modern buildings that sometimes appear in the 7th arrondissement.

The movie wasn't as good as the theater, but in retrospect worth seeing; one of those you think you don't like but spend an hour analyzing afterwards.  Lost in Translation would have been more appropriate for that theater, though.


Ksam said...

Funny, I decided to see the same movie at the same theater a few weeks ago too! I am now a huge fan of the theater...but the movie, not so much.

alisa morov said...

just caught up on all posts from here and after. Loving it! And Ryan - way cute.