Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy (Belated) Birthday

Gene's birthday was last week and we sort of ignored it.  Oh, we went out to dinner, but it didn't feel like much of an occasion.  We're both at the point where we've had a lot of these already...

But on Sunday we were invited to lunch at the home of friends who don't have much to be happy about at the moment, but who made us very happy to be there.  We really enjoyed their company, the lovely and extravagant lunch in the garden, and finally a gorgeous raspberry cake from Fauchon, with macarons on top.  And sweet X, because one of the "H" candles had broken, very cleverly made the remaining "H" do double duty.  We were charmed.

Not all birthdays are the same, after all.

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Janey and Co. said...

It is charming. Happy belated birthday to Gene!