Friday, July 22, 2011

Back in the USA

We seem to have gotten out of Paris at the right time.  Reports are that cold and rain are dampening enthusiasm for Paris Plage.  Who wants to go to even a fake beach when the weather makes you want to shelter indoors?  Parisians usually leave for their summer vacations because it's too hot in Paris; not this year apparently. 

We're back in Berkeley for the rest of the summer, except for a short trip we have planned in August.  At the time we left Paris it had been hot and muggy and coming back to the cool afternoon fog of the Bay Area seemed a lovely thought, but no one had notified the weather gods that fog all day long wasn't supposed to be on the agenda.  Luckily that changed after the first week and now, like the little bear's porridge in the fairy tale,  it's "juuussst right".

There are benefits and drawbacks to our split life.  As one of my friends said, "we never know if you're home or not."  Well, we're always home, it's just hard to keep connections in each home active when we're in the other.  But since we've been here we've been quite busy; we've seen lots of friends and picked up relationships as if we hadn't been away.  Lucky.

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