Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Minor Change of Plans

The world doesn't always go along with our plans and this week, mine haven't been working out.  I should be in a plane on the way to Paris tonight and instead I'm in Oakland, hoping that the herniated disc in my lower back will stop pressing on the nerve root so I can avoid the surgery scheduled for next week.  Whether that happens or not, we won't be returning to Paris this month.  We've changed our flights to go at the beginning of October instead.

Much as I will miss the wonderful month of September and the bustle of the rentrée, I'm saddest about not being able to attend the major birthday party of my friend E., a festivity we and all the other guests, many coming from the US to help E. celebrate in her second city, have been looking forward to with pleasure.  We'll also be missing the 2 week visit of my dear friend B.  I feel rather guilty about convincing her to come to the party and spend time with us now that we won't be there.  Oh well, at least she'll have Paris.

Our planned visit to Venice and Asolo will also be off the calendar, although it's possible we can reschedule that if Easy Jet is feeling generous.  A medical excuse doesn't get you as far as it once did with airlines.  This should teach me to buy travel insurance.

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