Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's Go Back to Venice

Photographically, that is.  I've got quite a few photos from that gorgeous city that I'd like to share.

Let's start with some food from the Rialto market:

For the mathematically challenged, I suppose it's useful to be reminded that if five artichokes cost three euros, 10 will cost six euros.  Maybe it's me, but wouldn't it be a better sales tactic to offer six for five euros? Just asking...

This is clearly the season for gas-producing vegetables and in this market you know exactly where they come from; the growing area is identified on the signs.

Aren't these the most beautifully shaded pears you've ever seen?

And the mushrooms are huge and perfect, needing only some olive oil and garlic.

Not a lot of butchers in the area, but fishmongers galore and the fish too are identified as to their place of origin.

Some shellfish doesn't seem intuitively edible to me.  Wouldn't you have to be really hungry to think these razor clams were going to taste as good as they do as a sauce for pasta?

But crayfish look like there'd be a bite or two of good eating under those shells.

And once you open up the pretty scallop shell the meat is irresistible.

But come on, octopus?  Really?  Tasty, I grant you, but who first had the nerve to find out?

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