Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Few Things

Just in case you were wondering which direction to turn to reach the Eiffel tower, some helpful street artist is pointing the way.  The wrong way, by the way.

I had to wonder if this image near the Pompidou center had been commissioned by neighbors tired of the tourist hordes keeping them awake at night.

Numerous art galleries in the Marais turn into fashion showrooms during the bi-annual Paris shows. Some true believer took to the streets to post this on a wall on rue des Francs Bourgeois.

Not exactly Prada, but doing his own thing is M. Poulet.  No, I don't think it's selling clothing for poultry but I didn't stop to make sure.

I've mentioned before the difficulty of finding authentic spicy Chinese food in Paris.  Our most recent find is really upfront about how spicy its food is.  Not only is it called Deux Fois Plus de Piments (Twice As Many Peppers), it has a warning sign for those unaccustomed to eating food that makes your lips and tongue tingle: "Peppers may cause stomach pains and diarrhea.  To be eaten in moderation."

I've been noticing lately that the senior citizen contingent is still active on the streets of Paris.  These geriatric jazz musicians set up in various spots around town and gather quite a crowd when they do.  The contributions probably help stretch Social Security.

This no-longer-young fellow is still having a great time and brightening the place up while getting around the city on his own idiosyncratic wheels.

And this guy is remarkable.  He spent days, if not weeks, calligraphing Rimbaud's longish poem Le Bateau Ivre on a long wall in rue Ferou, not far from the Luxembourg Gardens.  I have no idea if it was a commission or a personal enterprise, but wow!

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