Monday, December 4, 2006

Getting ready to go

For the last week or so Gene and I have been careful not to snap at each other, knowing as we do that each of us is stressed and scatterbrained, and that as soon as we get on the plane all will be well. Meanwhile, we're totally nutso. There are lists everywhere, but they seem to multiply faster than we can cross items off of each one.

Last night a friend wondered if we had clean needles and syringes to take along in case we needed some emergency injection while in Laos or Cambodia...OHMIGOD. It's a measure of how out there we are that this seems perfectly reasonable, and I'm on the phone to our doctor's office bright and early this morning, apologizing for calling yet again, with another "just in case" request. (No problem: syringes and Vicodin, the other suggested goodie, are waiting for pickup).

Previous visits to Southeast Asia did not have us preparing for WW III, but somehow the combination of age(ours), distance(Asia), and third-worldedness (Laos and Cambodia) make this trip require wound kits, malaria prophylaxis, 100% DEET insect repellant, and god knows how many other things that we would have thumbed our noses at 25 years ago (and did, if I remember correctly). And in those days we would have stayed at guesthouses with mosquito nets instead of the 5 star boutique caravanseries we have booked this time.

We assume we'll settle down soon enough and that all the "stuff" we're carting around will be dumped along the way to make room for...what else...SHOPPING!
So for those of you who are wondering how this trip will go, drop in occasionally. We'll be posting as we go, and with any luck will have at least a few interesting things to write about. If I can figure out how to post photos we will have a few of those as well.

E-mail will reach us, and maybe I can figure out how to access comments on this blog, so keep in touch.


petra said...

So who assigned the labels "Aging travelers, medication, taking off" at the bottom of the blog?
Are you really going to a Grateful Dead concert for the month?? ; )

whereisemily said...

Have a wonderful trip, you two! I'm sure you'll have quite the adventure. Hopefully not one involving emergency kits. I look forward to hearing about it, and please take lots of pictures!

rrross2000 said...

Safe travels, ole fogies. I can't wait for the adventurous tales from the international couple of mystery.
R, L and Mr. Kai Ross-Koenig

petra said...

are you there yet?? hope your on the other end at a spa.

Unknown said...

blogers shmlogers! and what's wrong with Paris, hein ? went to the 13th the other day and saw plenty of chinamen ! and you dont have to take medecin, and you can drink the water, and people are nice to you.... but since you have payed for the trip and apparently even decided to go, enjoy yourselfs.