Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hither and yon

We've been running around quite a bit looking at apartments we're considering for next year's long stay. This morning it was a place in Saint-Germain that would be a good fit if it weren't on the ground floor with windows on the street. It's a quiet street, but still the idea of opening our windows with people walking by just inches away is too weird. This afternoon we saw a place in the Marais that's quite nice, and it comes with laundry service! But it's on the second floor overlooking a grungy narrow courtyard and it's hard to know what it might be like in the gray Paris winters.

When we first began to plan our longterm stay we thought it would be relatively easy to find something we liked at a price that wasn't too painful, but the dollar hasn't cooperated. Apartments I bookmarked two years ago are now out of our budget, not because they cost more in Euros but because buying Euros costs so much more.

In fact everything costs more. A coffee at a café table can be the equivalent of $6, and it might come in this definitely non-PC cup:But we have faith that we'll find a place to live when it comes time to make the decision. Whether we'll have to give up coffee remains to be seen.

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Mel said...

Hi Shelli and Gene,

Lisa Graeber forwarded a link to your Paris blog. Great job. I enjoyed going through it.

We live 1/2 time in Paris and the other half in San Rafael, CA. We've had this arrangement for over 16-years.

We maintain a website that you might enjoy:

Mel Croner