Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday strolling

A little tour through the Marais for a Sunday afternoon begins with the line of motorbikes, blessedly quiet while parked on rue Payenne, behind the Musée Carnavalet, just up the street from the pretty Square Georges Cain and across the street from the wonderful Swedish Cultural Center, with its courtyard café, quiet galleries and peaceful garden.

There are quite a few art galleries in these streets, some of them behind walls hiding cobbled courtyards that once rang with the sound of carriage wheels and horseshoes.

And that wallpapered exterior wall from last week has lost its paper and with it its uniqueness, but this poubelle has apparently joined the latest decorating craze.

The omnipresent cellphone distracts a passerby from noticing that this clothing shop has dedicated its ground floor to huge blow-ups of scenes from the 1966 Antonioni movie "Blowup", a film that was iconic to my generation, or at least to me.

And heading for home we come across one of the last of the great old metal and glass market halls, the Carreau du Temple, being renovated to serve as a sport, culture and event site for the neighborhood.

It's a great area for turning corners.


Anonymous said...

After the wonderful evening you both gave us all, I am surprised you were cruising around on Sunday! Us???? didn't go market to buy lunch...home to eat lunch ;) Thank you for the wonderful evening! I'm liking your blog! bisous

Badaude said...

The shop with the Antonioni cutouts is Les Prairies de Paris. I was there the other day lusting wildly after a jumpsuit, but then I do prefer my garments on the silly side (see

Gillian said...

Your blog is beautiful! Would love to meet for a cafe in September!