Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate Work


I told you I think that the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was celebrated big time here, but I haven't mentioned that it was also celebrated in an art form that has become very popular recently.  Chocolate.

Patrick Roger is the Rembrandt of this genre.  Everything you see in the picture above is chocolate.  The spray cans.  The wall.  The graffiti.  This is the window of his rue de Rennes boutique.

In the boutique on Boulevard St-Germain, he varied the theme with a Simpsonian twist. (Forgive the glare off the glass, please.)


While Roger is the master, the lesser lights are not to be ignored.  In this small shop on rue Pas de Mule in the Marais, nothing is what it seems.  This isn't really a pot of stuffed cabbage, is it, now?

Nor is this a pot of venison stew.

Quail stuffed with figs on the menu tonight?  Good luck.

And if you think this corkscrew will open your bottle you'll be thirsty a lot longer.

A nice little chevre to go with that wine?  Be careful opening that knife.

For those of you who might be planning to repaint your bedroom, some nice choices in blue, don't you agree?

These chocolatiers are playing games with us.  Hard to say who's winning.  But nobody's losing.


Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Wow! Totally fabulous that everything above is 100% chocolate. Whenever I am in Paris, I love seeing what Patrick Roger's windows look like, always a new theme with such amazing chocolate sculptures.

Looks like the other shop you shared here is Vannier, also fun, rotating themes in their windows. Often with wine bottles. Love checking it out when I'm at Place des Vosges. Great post!

Julie R said...

Cool. I went into a diabetic coma just looking at the pictures.