Sunday, October 10, 2010

Streetwalking III

Summer suddenly came back in a last gasp this weekend and everyone was on the streets to take advantage of it.  This middleaged jazz band was jamming away in front of the church on the corner,

while these young ladies were giving away samples of a god-awful snack to passersby.

There were so many people on the sidewalk that this couple sought some impromptu privacy under a jacket, which, given the weather, was totally unnecessary for any other purpose.

Suddenly, instead of the usual fall grays and blacks (and this year's ubiquitous camel) there were bright colors everywhere.

The mounted police were in short sleeves.

This morning the air is cooler, but I've been fooled before.  Summer is reluctant to give up.


Anonymous said...

great shots, Shelli

are you still in Paris Oct 26th?


Lisa said...

Glad you are having an Indian summer.
Where can I find one of those yellow or pink wigs??
Hugs, Lisa