Monday, April 2, 2012

Which Way to the Beach?

There are seagulls shrieking and wheeling overhead, here in the center of Paris.

Do they fly upstream along the Seine from the ocean?

Pigeons, I get.  There's a nest of them cooing on the roof just outside our greenhouse window and their spatter is evident.  Pigeons are city birds, right?  But seagulls cawing like crows, fighting for dominance or fish scraps from the market stalls seem out of place.

I gather they fly inland from the ocean for the winter but I imagine they too find Paris hard to leave.

While researching the seagulls of Paris I came across this video of Django Reinhardt, the legendary Gypsy jazz musician, and a song called Les Mouettes (The Seagulls) from 1935.

I love it.  The seagulls, not so much.

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