Saturday, June 16, 2012


I can't think of an acronym that feels more right than that for Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD.

I think I have it. 

The bizarrely wet and gray spring and summer in France (and most of Europe) has brought me down, as we used to say back in the day.

I have a craving for sun so intense that I can practically taste it.  On the odd sunny day (e.g. Thursday of last week. I remember it fondly) it's as if a switch was thrown, bringing a smile to my face and an enormous lift to my spirits.

I'm SAD, to the point that I can't wait to leave Paris. 

I never thought I'd say that.  If you had asked me three years ago whether I'd ever be sick of Paris I would have told you it would happen when pigs could fly.

I saw these little winged porkers just the other day, so there you are.

We're leaving in about 10 days to spend July and August in California.  Yes!!

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Anne said...

I get it. People think you're a brat if you don't think Paris is perfect. But what place is? Enjoy your summer in California.