Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh Baby, Baby

We've been toodling around Paris the last few days with an adorable three year old, an old Paris hand who first visited when he was only six months old.  We've had an exhaustive tour of the playgrounds and carousels of the city, with time out for meals and bus rides.

The Wednesday street market on Avenue Pr├ęsident Wilson was a hit as he rode in his backpack, graciously accepting offers of tiny bananas and slices of saucisson from adoring vendor ladies.

A stop under the Eiffel Tower allowed for some time on a slide that he shared very politely with a little blond girl who liked him so much she rushed over to give him a hug when he fell down.  Language did not seem to be a barrier.  Shrieking is the Esperanto of toddlers.

The playground at the Place des Vosges had a range of structures, swings and teeter-totters that could be shared or simply goggled at, but the various fountains we came across might have been his favorites.  Water!  It's wet!

One of these was set in a lawn in front of the Petit Palais.  After an exhaustive search for tiny daisies, some of which were politely offered to people lunching on the benches, we entered the Mini-Palais across the street, where the adoration of several more people kept us occupied through a two hour lunch on the gorgeous terrace.  Turns out we like magret de canard and don't like boeuf tartare.

Many hugs and kisses later, he took off this morning in a taxi with his entourage, waving "bye Paris".  Me, I went back to bed for a well-needed rest.

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