Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hellooooo? Anyone out there?

Sorry, sorry, sorry...

I dropped the ball, abandoned ship, turned my back, etc.  And I'm sorry about it.  I hope you've missed me; I've missed you (but not enough to blog, you may justifiably reply).  Mea maxima culpa.

We left Paris in November of 2012 for the sunnier shores of California and here we've been since then. We've enjoyed it but I haven't felt the need to write about it.  Suffice it to say all is well.

But now...we're leaving in a couple of days for two months in Europe, sort of a teaser to see if we really want to resume our bi-continental existence.  First stop: a week in England.  Next: two and a half weeks in Italy spent in Venice, Bologna and Florence.  And finally a return to Paris for just over a month.

Toes back in the water.  Join us.


Susan said...

Very excited to hear all about it. French class will not be the same without you!

Amanda said...

Welcome back! We are still around and will be happy to read about your new adventures.

Shelli said...

Susan, I'll be thinking of you all.

Nadege, so nice to see you're still hanging in with me. Sometimes it's difficult to keep writing when I'm not sure anyone's reading.