Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Right to Left

It's hard to resist a lovely afternoon.  Gene was feeling better, the sun was bright, the sky still blue and we decided to walk from our place to the Left Bank and maybe see a movie later on.  This vintage Citroën Deux Chevaux parked in front of a Thai restaurant on rue de l'Ave Maria begged to have its picture taken.   A bit farther along we came across the back of the church of St. Paul shining in the sun.

Nearby, someone had left an entire bag of baguettes lying on the ground near a municipal trash bag (no cans here for fear of bombs).  A small mystery: why weren't they in the trash bag? What could have happened to cause someone to discard them?  And would anyone have the nerve to eat them? They were left across the street from a low-income assistance office.  We didn't wait to learn the answers.

When we reached the river we took a closer look at an art installation that had been up on the quays since late September.  Enormous eyes had been posted along the quayside walls and on some of the bridges.  They're beginning to peel off and I think it makes it look even more intriguing.


Photographed and installed by a French photographer known as JR, it's part of a project called Women are Heroes (www.womenareheroes-paris.net) focusing on abused women around the world.  The eyes are those of some of those women.

Across from the eyes was this little vignette.  It looked like a photo shoot for a poster or an album cover.  That's got to be a band, right? Is there any other excuse?

The riverside was popular that afternoon.  There were sitters and strollers on the walkways down by the water.


And the old buildings along the Quai de Bourbon on Ile St-Louis were as beautiful as ever.

It's pricy real estate over there, but there must be some residents who are hanging on in unrenovated garrets or this would have long ago disappeared.

Yes, there's still an operating public bathhouse on the island.

And on that other island, a view of one of Notre Dame's towers from the Square Jean XXIII, a refuge from the crowds at the front of the Cathedral, where you too might be lucky enough to hear a sole musician playing the recorder in the sunlight.

We did see that movie, eventually.  It was The Informant!  We liked it.


Karlene said...

I have so enjoyed reading your comments and seeing the pictures; both are real snapshots of real life.....that Parisian allure stirs within me....alas, for another year to be suppressed except vicariously. Your mention of the Pont des Arts where I sat and sketched brought back a wonderful memory. My knowledge of Paris is primitive compared to those of you in-the-know. I've made notes on such places as the American Library (ok, for when I need to hear/see something I can understand more than 2% of). ...can't wait to read the next entry.

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

Such a beautiful part of the city! That's one of my favorite areas to explore... I keep meaning to go out and see the eyes, but have not yet. Hmmm. Should do that soon, before they peel off entirely.

I agree with Karlene -- lovely photos in this post, as always! I admire your blog very much. :)

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

Oh, I was going to comment on the baguettes, too. Very curious!

You know, I bet the homeless would have the nerve to eat them & I wonder if they were left there for them. They are still in the bag, not touching the ground. I dunno. I think I probably would eat them, if I still ate bread and I were really hungry!

That's a super-intriguing shot, though, and I am glad you caught it!

Shelli said...

Karlene, how nice to hear from you. Sorry we won't get to see you this year, but it's not our last chance. We'll all be here again.

Karin, I've really enjoyed your photos as well, as you know.