Sunday, April 3, 2011

A la Mémoire d'un Ami

We got some very sad news from France today. A good friend died unexpectedly, and much too soon.

We've known M for nearly 25 years, through his marriage, through the birth of his children.  We were  welcomed into their family circle, included in birthday parties and holiday dinners with their parents and friends  They have always made us feel as if we had family in France.  

I was shocked to get an email from M last week, sent from his hospital bed, telling us he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.   Today we got another email, this one from his daughter, saying that M was no longer with us.

M traveled a lot for work and was often away, in Sudan, in Venezuela, in Mexico.  I wish one could just pretend he was on another of those trips, due back soon.  No such luck.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your loss.