Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Transition Time

When we got this notice included in our daily newspaper I suddenly felt a kinship with the writer.  I often feel my French, especially written French, must appear like this to a native speaker.

I know I've been a bit remiss in writing on this blog.  I think it's because all our good intentions of keeping busy here in the Bay Area, going to museums and concerts and events have petered out and I spend many of my evenings sitting in front of the TV, watching reruns of House, Bones, or Without a Trace; i.e. mindless hours vegging out in my chair.  I can only say in my defense that it's a comfortable chair.

Of course I'm exaggerating.  We do go places; we drove to the Napa Valley last week, we go to San Francisco, we run around Berkeley.  And everywhere I go I've been seeing bright colors.  This for example is a hand-knitted bicycle rack cover.  Doesn't everyone need one of these on his street corner?  How fabulous is that?

And a stroll on Hayes Street in S.F. yielded this touch of France, just down the street from what must be a clothing store for elves, judging by the teeny tiny sweater hanging on the door.

The theme for the neighborhood is spelled out in enormous letters on the side of a building:  Brighter, Faster!!!  Very Easter-y, don't you think?  It might be the motto for the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  "I'm late..."

And for those of you with questions about the afterlife, this tagger in Oakland isn't waiting.  "Enjoy Earthly" is his advice.

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