Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Got up yesterday and decided to go out to breakfast, so we walked over to BHV to return something and to have our coffee and croissant at le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian chain that is a big hit in Paris and is now all over the world, including the US.  We've occasionally been getting croissants from the local boulangeries but haven't found one we liked.  Pain Quotidien's flaky, fresh, beautiful croissant is the one we've been looking for.  Luckily it's not just around the corner; that would be way too dangerous.

Oh, and the weekly report on service at BHV?  Still good.  This time the woman actually spoke English to help Gene out.  Without being asked.  She seemed to be enjoying it.

The sky continues to look like this and we continue to marvel at how lucky we are to have this weather.

We've been taking buses when we aren't walking because the Bastille area is a hub for a lot of lines and because it's just more fun, particularly when you're not in a hurry.

You see a lot from the slightly elevated perspective of the bus.  Who would have known that the tops of many lampposts have crowns made of castles?

And how very picturesque the entrances to municipal buildings can be?

And as for those little space invaders that turn up high on the walls of buildings all over town?  They come in peace.


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