Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kids, Dogs and Fashion Designers

Just some random photos from a few days ago. I know it was a few days ago because we haven't seen the sun in several days. The sky varies only in the heaviness of the cloud cover and the temperature moves from slightly humid and warm to very humid and warm to not very humid and cool, to...just pick an hour.

So I'm showing you a few things that have inspired me to get the camera out; mostly kids and dogs, with a few other things tossed onto the mix.
They learn early to sit around in cafés.

Although sitting isn't always what they have in mind.

She's learned her lessons well, apparently. And what a fashion sense.

No one over the age of five wears a bicycle helmet around here. He'll dump his in a few years.

Who could resist this guy?

And this collection of fashion designers in a window in Saint Germain des Prés was laugh out loud funny. And rather scary when I realized I actually recognized almost all of them. Time to drop that subscription to Vogue.

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