Friday, May 23, 2014

There are Only 100 People in the World, Right?

A couple of nights before we left Florence we went to a bar on the top floor of a hotel on the Arno to see the view and watch the sunset.  It was a really good idea as Florence isn't a very tall city and on the 6th floor you have a lovely view in all directions.

While we were trying to take a reasonable selfie of the two of us, a man at the next table offered to take our picture, we thanked him and thought no more of it.  The following day we went to Obikà, a 'mozzarella bar' (I know, I know) for lunch and at the next table was the same guy.  Naturally we talked and discovered that he was Parisian, he was in Florence for work and his store in Paris is within blocks of our current apartment.  We also learned that he had recently met a cook who works at Verjus in Paris, the restaurant and wine bar of our friends Braden and Laura.  Small world, right? We exchanged contact info and went our separate ways.

A couple of days ago we found ourselves walking down a central street of the neighborhood and did a double take when we saw him standing in the doorway of what turned out to be his shop.  Bises, nice to see you, etc. and we decided it must mean we should get a drink together that evening, and where else but Verjus?

The evening was fun, we said goodnight, we'll be in touch, you call us, we'll call you, etc.

The next morning we left our apartment in the rain and nearly ran into him walking past our building.

I swear we're not stalking him.  Either we are meant to be BFFs or we're being stalked ourselves.

Paris really is a small town.

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Amanda said...

Very interesting! Can't wait to read more about is coming next.