Monday, May 5, 2014

Water, water everywhere and only vino to drink

We splurged on a water taxi from Marco Polo airport and roared across the lagoon on a gorgeous sunny day with the tower of Saint Mark's coming ever closer.  The apartment representative met us and a few turns later our bags were up two flights of stairs and we were in our home for the next week.

Searching for a Venice apartment wasn't easy.  The online choices ranged from ugly to expensive and finally I chose to go with an agency that had lots of choices and good reviews.  So far? Good choice.

We are in a corner flat overlooking a narrow canal and bridge. There are tons of windows and the lights are bright, the bath and kitchen are modern and work, the bed is comfortable and nothing is painful to the eye.  We're thrilled.  Not only that, it's very centrally located without being at all in the tourist center.  I seem to have pulled off the hat trick.

Today was mostly housekeeping, i.e. getting SIM cards for the phones, discovering that one phone was locked and the card wouldn't work thus necessitating the purchase of a new phone, buying some basic groceries, dropping in on a Venetian friend of a friend and having a long laughing conversation in a combination of French, Italian and a bit of English, finding a dry cleaner for a stained sweater, etc.  We were nowhere near any of the major sights; we haven't yet laid eyes on Piazza San Marco or the Rialto bridge, we got lost twice, had several glasses of wine and a few cichetti, and some coffee.  Life is good.

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