Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've already mentioned, probably too many times, how charming this little apartment is, but I thought you might want to see a bit of it. Our French friends say it's like a movie-set French apartment: charmant, rustique, they exclaim. Dark, we respond. Because it's on the first French floor (second in American-speak) it gets virtually no direct sunlight, because it's blocked by buildings on all sides. It's the one drawback.

But although the direct sunlight is limited, we turn on lots of lights when we're home and it's adorable. It even has a real fireplace, and the right to burn. It's not cold enough for it yet, and probably won't be before we leave here for our next nest, but there it is, looking charmant, along with the beams (poutres in the real estate ads), the old terra cotta tomettes tiles and the stone wall. What can I say? We lucked out.

The kitchen, which is on the street side, has the highest ceiling, high enough to hang a chandelier from the beams! And there's a dishwasher.
The windows on the back look out on this little court:

It's not all perfection here. We were only able to rent it for the first two months. The owner, who moved out for us, insists on coming back and we'll have to leave. The nerve of the woman!

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